Hey Hey everyone.


Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last three weeks, we have started several, but could not complete. The remodeling status have been much worse then what we expected, and it has completely drained all the energi from us all. All the mess and chaos around us is unbearable 😛 Kjell have been working a while at Kårstø also, which means he has been spending more time traveling to and from work. We have all felt that we have had less time together and it has been extremely busy. But now Kjell is back in the office and next week the kitchen furniture is finally arriving. IKEA have delayed the delivery twice, and we aren’t to happy about that. The room in itself is complete, and there will be a kitchen update early next week.


Without a kitchen, the grill is a good improvised alternative; regardless of weather.



“Sentrumsstaffeten” is a thing that happens here in Stord once a year. It is held by Stord IL. Emma have always wanted to run in the relay race, but we have never had time. This year it worked out and we all had a nice day in the sun downtown (still a bit cold).


Playing and finding ants while we wait.


“Grease lighting”

After having waited for 45 minutes, and watching Emma run 100 meters we all headed to Frugård; There the winners were announced and prizes given. Emma class won their grade. After we all headed into Frugård and got baguettes, and waffles.

DSC07767-Edit DSC07769 20160409_131653

# 4

The weather have been really nice this last week, and i have been in a very walking trip mood. I have had two trips in the forest already. Hoping for many nice trips, both alone and with friends and family.


That is it for this week. A bit short, but what we could manage 😉

We are as you might be aware of remodeling the kitchen. Here are some photos to update you on the progress.


DSC07749 DSC07750

Without the Kitchen furniture:

After tearing down all the furniture, chipped away all the tiles. This is now my new all time hate task. It was the absolute worst thing ever. :(

After plastering all the walls:


Monday can often be a little tough and the day does not get better when a truck backs into your car. I had delivered the kids in kindergarten and were on my way to spin class that I had been looking forward to. Then in the middle of an intersection the truck in front of me stoppes and trow into reverse, and obviously did not see me. These things happen and I was not upset with anyone. No one was hurt a part from our new car. The day became a bit more stressfull and chaotic for me after that, something I am not to fond of. Luckily we have good insurance, and everything will be taken care of, while we get a rental.


Instagram : @tannfeenshjem

I have many favorite accounts on Instagram related to interior, som like this and some more colorful. Now that we are redoing the kitchen i find inspiration among these. I’m not so good with interior myself, so a little help from these accounts is great :) I keep on finding more and more. The magnet wall paper with the bunny really fascinates me her. Playful details :)
tannfee snipp


I always enjoyed backing and when the new kitchen is ready there will be more room for that. This lady is funn and inspiring. It’s fun to bake things that aren’t just super duper girly and cute. YOu can follow here on mics. social media for even more inspiration and great photos.


SPRING! I had a lovey morning/noon up at my little sister with sun and chit chat. Hope this is the start of a great spring and summer.


On the knitting this week have been among other thing these “komplompe” headbands. It was suddenly to warm for cap. I am out of most of my yarn now and will have to bring out the sewing machine now that every thing needs to be assembled.


Lots of time with the kids this week, and as soon as the sun comes out the energy levels go up. And having three days of from work helps as well. Oda got an old phone the other day, and is now running around taking selfies of everyone. I had to get on with my phone to keep the charm, as hears does not work 😛


The remodeling has started, FINALLY. It will be a rather intens month until everything is in place. Mommy does not like the mess and the chaos so it is super challenging for me. But we make the best of it and look forward to the new kitchen. This is what it has looked like probably since the house was built, and at leaset since we moved in six years ago.

This week the task has been a panorama, but with me now traveling back and forth an hour to work everyday things have gotten hectic. We also have the kitchen re-model coming up tomorrow and a truck hit our new car (more on that on Sunday).

The weather on the other hand offered a helping hand and we got a few nice sunny days. There is only one photo this time, because that was all I could manage to squeeze in. Enjoy :) Also I recommend clicking it to see the lagrer version.